York, Nebraska (NE)

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Area Code: 402
Prefix (NXX): 362
Calling outside U.S.: +14023629992
City: York
County: York
State: Nebraska
Usage: Landline
Local Time: Central (GMT -06:00)
Registrant Company: Windstream Nebraska, Inc.

402-362-9992 is a Landline phone number operated by the company named Windstream Nebraska, Inc. and is located in the city of York, Nebraska. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 4023629992.

Comments for 4023629992

#1 Telemarketer

Good cop - bad cop works with these people!  Treat the caller as if they'd called a s*x chat line, and they'll call back, repeatedly.  Then, when they've called back several times, threaten them with lawsuits and mahem.  They will _not_ call back.  This gets them seriously off script, which is pretty bad for their operation.  This damn sure worked for me - several times :-)

#2 Other

Said they were a travel agency out of Round Rock, TX. I've asked them to stop calling and they call at least once a week even under this other number

#3 Unknown


#4 Unknown

hang up

#5 Text message

Call at the wrong hours and no messages are left. I am on the do not call listings also. Should stop call!!!!

#6 Other

got a call at 9PM PDT, did not answer because I don't know the number.  Call came to my cell phone.

#7 Unknown

Pulanski and Associates

#8 Other

Got a call from this number asking for Mr. "wife's maiden name".  Told them they had the wrong number and the girl said ok and hung up.

#9 Telemarketer

Here's the answer to all our prayers.  I found this on a site I posted a telemarketer's number at.  I tried it and it WORKS!  I put the tones at the beginning of my phone  greeting about three months ago and in the last three weeks have had "ZERO" calls.  Whover posted that "THANK YOU, THANKI YOU".   Here's what I found:

Telemarketers almost exclusively use autodialers to make their calls.  One out of a thousand will have live reps doing the dialing.  When these dialers connect (you answer the phone) they first listen for any tones generated.  If no tones are detected they then transfer the call to one of the reps in a call center.  If the autodialer hears the 3 beeps from dialing a "DISCONNECTED" number, the number that was just dialed is automatically "REMOVED" from their list.  Below is a link that has this tone plus the verbal message.  You DO NOT need the verbal message.  Download or copy the "DISCONNECTED" MP3 or WAV file to your desktop.  Create or  change the greeting you have when someone calls you and you're not available.  At the VERY BEGINNING of your message place the 3 tones (NOT THE VOICE  MESSAGE) then continue with your usual or normal greeting.  The autodialer will hear the tones and BINGO, your number will be removed since they think it's a  disconnected number.  DONE.  In a few weeks you will be removed from all or most of the lists.  Of course you may have to explain the tones to the callers you DO  want to speak to but that's a small tradeoff.  Pass this info on to anyone you know that gets junk calls or even help post this on these websites.  If you continue  getting calls after reading this, it's your "OWN" fault!  END JUNK CALLS.  


#10 Other

As soon as I answered, there was a dial tone.  Called back, and was told it was disconnected.

#11 Other

So how do you make that your voice mail? This number called my cell phone. Is there a way to record a WAV or MP3 and upload it to your wireless account?

#12 Harassment calls

Stop harassing calls that has no one on the other end and return calls are are answered with numbered disconnected!

#13 Unknown

this number actually called my job from an unknown company.  The caller ID read York NE @ 7:44pm

#14 Other

We have repeatedly requested removal from their list, but they continue to place repeated calls, multiple times per day.

#15 Other

I just posted a truck for sale on craigslist and 30 minutes soenmone called me asking for Tom - I knew they got my number for craigslist bcz I only use that name on craigslsit (my midddle name) they didnt say anything else and hung up... weird.

#16 Other

Someone from this number keeps calling me very early in the mornings. Twice this week and they won't listen to me when I tell them they woke me with their call. This number is a disconnected number in York Nebraska. Who are these people trying to sell me diabetic supplies when I don't need them.

#17 Unknown

What ever ABB enterprises is.The caller had a very thick accent and told me I was rude when I asked her to repeat herself

#18 Unknown

I was called yesterday by Direct Buy. I told them that I was on the do not call list and to not call back. They hung up on me. When they called again today (from a boiler room I could here many calls going on I said "Can I ask you a question" and they immediately hung up again. Direct Buy is a very dirty sales business and they don't seem to respect any do not call lists.

#19 Other

this number keeps calling time after time. tracked it down to York NE but it still continues to call. Not sure what they want as we don't answer it.

#20 Other

please make them stop calling my cell phone!

#21 Other

Caller asked for owner of phone ; number is on the DNC list.

#22 Unknown

Sheraton Vacation Package

#23 Other

Called back.  Message said it was no longer in service!  How can these calls be stopped?

#24 Other

I got a call from this number twice now! Today I answered he told me his name was josh from direct life. Sounds like some teenage boy trying to "hide" his "true" voice. Told me he got my number from my dad. Two things my dad doesn't give out my number and when I asked him (dad) about it he had no idea what I was talking about!

#25 Other

Harrassment phone calls and impersonating FBI officer to obtain personal information. Report to local authorities.

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same as all the rest I said hello I think it is a wrong number.

The tremendous house!

Some fool saying they were doing a survey for car safty.  He asked me if I was over 18 years of age for their survey, (he wanted me to say yes).  I told him I was a grandfather, he asked again if I was over 18, I said that I was older than him, again if I was over 18!  I asked about his survey, so again with if I was was over 18, I guess not! He then hung up!!  Be safe out there folks,  and dont tell this piece of c#@p  yes!!!

Very annoying, they wont stop calling.

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