Omaha, Nebraska (NE)

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Area Code: 402
Prefix (NXX): 574
Calling outside U.S.: +14025741994
City: Omaha
County: Douglas
State: Nebraska
Usage: Landline
Local Time: Central (GMT -06:00)
Registrant Company: Qwest Corporation

402-574-1994 is a Landline phone number operated by the company named Qwest Corporation and is located in the city of Omaha, Nebraska. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 4025741994.

Comments for 4025741994

#1 Telemarketer

another scamming agent

#2 Other

This number called me on my landline while I was talking to Centurylink about my phone problem. It apparently was to verify whether a call could get through. I could not answer it because there was some kind of misconnection (I had no dial tone, but I could receive the call but couldn't answer it.

#3 Other

i called century link phone company to find out why my email address had been erased from my account
and also my pmt not noted on account thought it had cleared my bank
the century link customer service man said that my phone number cell number i was calling from was this 402 number
which is [***].
not sure why, what , or who
isn't it tiring

#4 Company

Century Link service center

#5 Other

why are they calling NON quest customers??/

#6 Other

hung up, did not leave message

#7 Service

tech support

#8 Other

I work for Qwest and this number is used to transfer overseas repair calls to other departments as well as ring in overseas repair calls to customers.

#9 Other

Yes, it is, Why am I being billed $7.07 for a one minute call they made while testing their own line?

#10 Other

This IS CenturyLink. The number was used to call my land line after I called them with a problem. The rep then called my number. She indicated it kept ringing even though I answered. (I couldn't hear anyone on the other end, either) She then scheduled a tech to come out to my home tomorrow.  I still give my land number for all purposes.  I get several spam calls a day, but they usually hang up when answering machine goes on " you've reached number Such & Such, please leave a message."

#11 Other

I discovered that Century Link uses this number to make line testing calls. I believe it's associated with their repair service.

#12 Other

Formerly Qwest, now Century Link.

#13 Company

CenturyLink, Internet service provider

#14 Telemarketer

Just got this call following up an internet problem. I did not call for that issue. The other posts are older referring to source as Quest. Quest has been CenturyLink for 2 yrs? & wanted info like my name. I asked didnt you know who were calling. She replied for security reasons? Didn't buy that & refused. Also an info message states to inform representative if don't want a sales pitch. Fyi- a cc company now gets by that by saying 'may I make a suggestion'?

#15 Spammer

kept asking for josh dont know who that is

#16 Other

Before I explain my "frustrating landline 'spam' experience, let me comment on THIS page regarding the posted comments by ->  aj 16 Jul 2012 -> who posted his same comment 16 TIMES on this page and has wasted the time of myself and others = just WHAT were you trying to, ah-h,  "achieve" ???
NOW --> my unusual CenturyLINK  "telephone connection"  problem:  (1) a friend tried to call me from her landline-to-my-landline TWO times  on Monday night - - where we both use our landlines and  we K-N-O-W  each other's number with absolute certainty !!   98% of the time (or more) she  (a) DIALS - -and  (b) my phone 'rings' and we talk - - all in normal phone system operation - - BUT last night she  (c) DIALED me - - and instead of it  "ringing through"  to my landline, (d-1)  a CenturyLINK algorithm  -OR-   (d-2) a 3rd-party service or (d-3) CRIMINAL SPAMMER interrupted her effort to call me and asked if she would participate in a "SURVEY" - - and in the meantime, my phone was NOT reached and therefore did not 'ring' !!   NATURALLY, she told me that  
"Something is WRONG with YOUR  (dxxn)  phone line" - - and I said I would call CenturyLINK Tech Support on Tuesday morning.
This I did - - and the result of long conversations is this:  "There could be scores of reasons why her effort to call you was interrupted with a 'survey request' - - and we can't determine the origin of the problem from this phone conversation - - so we suggest that the NEXT TIME this happens to her, she should call CenturyLINK Tech Support - - AFTER her chat with the "survey" folks AND she has tried to determine, during that 'survey' call, JUST WHO the 'survey' people-&-business ARE
- - and any other research she can accomplish  (such as  JUST HOW  they were able to intercept her attempted call to me and thus TRY to engage her in an UN-requested, UN-wanted 'survey' ) - - and THEN be able to share that "evidence" with CenturyLINK Tech Support - - so that they have some "DETAILS" to work with.

#17 Other

I've received four calls from this number, and I had to get the number by dialing *69 for the last caller feature because it is not identified on my Caller ID.  The last call came in at 11:30 last night (Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014), and the phone rang for about half a ring.  No messages left.
I did call this number back one time, and supposedly it was an internet service through CenturyLink/Qwest.  I do not have internet service through CenturyLink/Qwest.  It seems very odd to me that a phone company does not use proper identification on caller I.D.
Like others have mentioned above, I had reported problems with landline optional features, and the problems were not solved, one being an optional service that had worked great for years and now no longer works, and the other being a new optional service that I simply cannot get to work.

#18 Other

Why am I being billed  thru sprint who I don't use for a collect 1 minute call for $7.07

#19 Other

If this is Century Link, why do we pay them the enormous amount we do if they are using cheap overseas customer service representatives.  I think they should start using Americans and pay them a decent wage instead of letting their Executive Officers steal millions from customers and use the excuse of how they have to charge the amount they do to service lines which they rarely do.

#20 Unwanted

The number 402-574-1994 is a call from Qwest repair services out of Omaha. They use that line to test repairs. I also got a hang up but then picked it up the 2nd time and spoke to a repair technician.

#21 Other

Why would Qwest be sending my phone call to overseas?  I live in the States, called with a problem, got transferred to "Tech Support," and then found myself talking to someone with an accent (which I have a difficulty understanding).  When this person called me back, this 402 number showed up, just out of curiosity, I decided to google the number and found this.
BTW, thanks for the clarification about this Qwest number.

#22 Service


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